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Get a Server

Provision a physical server or virtual machine for use with WarpSpeed VPN.

Recommended Hardware & Software
Operating System Ubuntu 20.04
CPU 2+ Cores
Storage 10+ GB
IPv4 Network required
IPv6 Network optional
Firewall Rules

Your server must be accessible from the public internet. To enable VPN access to any private networks or servers, your VPN server itself must have access to those as well (e.g. be on the correct VPC).

Service Direction Port Protocol Source
HTTP TLS verification Inbound 80 TCP Any
HTTP Control Panel Inbound 443 TCP Any
WireGuard VPN Inbound 51820 (configurable) UDP Any
Install WarpSpeed

On your server, download and run the WarpSpeed installer script.

Download the installer script:
Run the installer script:
sudo bash
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