Install WarpSpeed
Quickly and easily
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Install on Your Server
1. Prepare Server

Provision a physical server or virtual machine for use as your WarpSpeed VPN server. It should be accessible from the public internet and be connected to any private networks you would like VPN users to access.

Recommended Hardware & Software
Operating System Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04
CPU 2+ Cores
Storage 10+ GB
IPv4 Network required
IPv6 Network optional
Firewall access (Web UI) 80/tcp and 443/tcp
Firewall access (VPN) 51820/udp (configurable)

NOTE: the network ports listed above must be allowed on your firewall.

2. Add DNS Record

From your DNS provider's control panel, create an "A" record with the value of your server's public IP address. Any DNS name that can be resolved on the public internet will work.

Replace below with any valid sub-domain of your domain.

Replace 100.200.300.400 below with the public IP address of your server.

Example DNS record:
Name Type Value A 100.200.300.400

NOTE: after adding your DNS record, wait 3-5 minutes for the record to be updated before continuing.

3. Install WarpSpeed

On your server, run the install script to download and start the WarpSpeed service.

Download the installer script:
Run the installer script:

When prompted, enter the DNS name you created in the previous step.

sudo bash
4. Configure WarpSpeed

Using a web browser, enter the URL of your WarpSpeed server.

Example URL to visit:

Complete the configuration process and begin using WarpSpeed!

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